Speaker Date Topic
NO MEETING: Martin Luther King Breakfast Jan 21, 2019
Caroline King, Executive Director Jan 28, 2019
American Red Cross, Northern/Eastern Maine
American Red Cross, Northern/Eastern Maine

Caroline King has served as the Executive Director of the American Red Cross since 2015.  From offices in Bangor and Caribou, the Red Cross serves six northern most Maine counties from Fairfield to the Fort Kent and covers more than 25,000 square miles.  In her role as “the Face of the Red Cross” in these communities, Caroline works to increase community awareness and participation, along with harnessing their generous support and commitment to the humanitarian mission of the Red Cross of individuals, communities and local businesses.

Caroline will discuss the work of the Red Cross in Maine and how the Red Cross humanitarian work supports those impacted by disaster and how Rotarians can get involved with the organization.  Caroline is a proud Rotarian from the Bangor Breakfast Rotary Club and currently serves as the Club’s Vice President.

Rotary: People of Action Feb 05, 2019
Committee Meetings
Miranda Phelps, Psy.D. Feb 11, 2019
School for Social Work in Haiti
NO MEETING - President's Day Feb 18, 2019
Betsy Peters Feb 25, 2019
Rotary: People of Action Mar 04, 2019
Early Literacy with Tina/Committee Meetings
Amarinda Keys, Executive Director Mar 11, 2019
Children's Discovery Museum
Children's Discovery Museum

Growing up in Montessori Education, alternative forms of education have always been a part of Amarinda’s life. Amarinda graduated from Colby College in 2014 where she studied Sociology and Education. As a student, Amarinda regularly volunteered at the Children’s Discovery Museum, spent two summers interning and working at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and completed an internship at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. After graduating, Amarinda started working at the Children’s Discovery Museum as the Assistant Director where she developed a schedule of programs and planned museum fundraisers. In 2015 Amarinda was hired as the Executive Director. Since then, Amarinda has worked to balance the museum’s budget, pull the organization out of debt, and increase museum attendance. In 2015 she was chosen as an example of exceptional teaching by the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. In 2016 she began working to relocate the organization to Waterville, Maine in order to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the organization.

Rotary: People of Action Apr 01, 2019
Community Services with Michele/Committee Meetings
Rotary: People of Action May 06, 2019
Scholarship Program with Ann/Committee Meetings
NO MEETING - Memorial Day May 27, 2019
Rotary: People of Action Jun 03, 2019
Paul Harris Fellows Presentation
Transition to new year Jun 24, 2019