First, some words of wisdom from Martin Luther King Jr.:
The ultimate measure for us is not where we stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where we stand at times of Challenge and Controversy.
We had a pretty good turnout for our meeting on Monday, March 16th at the Best Western, with 10 in person and another 5 on Zoom.  We decided that we would hold regular Monday meetings on Zoom during the continuing coronavirus challenge. I will set them up for 5:30pm, so please put such meetings on your calendar. I will make sure that the software works. 5:30 will be a good time for "Happy Hour" so be prepared with Happy Dollars! We may or may not have speakers.
I have been researching ways in which we can be of assistance to those who need it. First reply came from the Muskie Center. The Center is closed for normal daily operations. But their Meals-on-Wheels program is ongoing, and they could use these volunteers on a daily basis:
5 packers for 3 hours per day, approx 7:30 to 10:30 am
6 drivers for 2-3 hours of driving daily, starting at 9 am. 
Senior Spectrum has been applying for a waiver from the insurance company re. background checks for drivers. Assuming all is well, you would show up at the back door of the Muskie Center (up the ramp), and will be asked the following questions (everyone's being very careful):
Have you or a close acquaintance, in the last 30 days…
  • Traveled to one of the countries or regions listed as of March 13, 2020? China or Europe.
  • Been in close proximity to a COVID 19 infected person?
  • Been diagnosed with COVID 19 such as fever, cough, shortness of breath?
  • Been to a healthcare facility where people infected with COVID 19 would be treated such as hospital, ER, or walk-in facility?
If interested and willing, please contact Jessica ( or at 620-1684). Remember, this is volunteering to support the needs for meals mostly of our senior citizens, but also to touch base with them, to chat briefly and share your personality. 
Other ideas will be coming. We as Rotarians will rise to the Challenge I feel sure.