Noted defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, Esq. shared his experiences with a successful inmate re-entry program in Minnesota named Amicus and why it might work in Maine.
Rotary Meeting for Monday, August 24, 2009 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

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September 14, 2009 Steve Erario, Mid-Maine Sustainability Coalition

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Today's Program: Amicus: A Successful Inmate Re-entry Program for Maine (F. Lee Baily, Esq.)

Bailey touts prison program




WATERVILLE -- Through his talk Monday to the Waterville Rotary Club, renowned defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey appealed to business leaders: Make contact with the state prison system, and indicate a willingness to hire inmates who have shown they deserve early release.

Bailey is working with Waterville lawyer John Nale to implement the Amicus program, which encourages inmates to participate in educational skill-training programs. On successful completion, the inmates would be eligible for early release."I hope that you folks will give it a try," Bailey said to a packed room of Rotarians and guests at the Alfond Youth Center. "If it can't be done in Maine, it can't be done anywhere."

Bailey asked that business people indicate an interest to Nale, who chairs the Maine State Prison Industries Advisory Council, which is in the early stages of its effort to implement Amicus.

"Businesses would choose from a list of eligibles," Bailey said. "Businessmen like challenges, and like to succeed."

As Bailey fielded questions, a local businessman told him of his own success in hiring a former inmate. Bob Jacobs, owner of Windows Plus in Winslow, said that the man he hired performed well, and is now taking college courses.

"He was fantastic," Jacobs said. "He had experience in the glazing industry, and was reliable."

Jacobs said that his wife, Deb, and other members of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship of Vassalboro make visits to the Kennebec County Jail in Augusta.

"Churches," Bailey said, "are extremely important in this effort."

Bailey, who helped start a similar initiative in Minnesota, estimated that one-third of inmates are "fit for release."

"Sociopaths and sex offenders," he said, "are bad risks. It's best to take a good, small bite out of the best of the apple."

Prisons, he said, should advise inmates of a checklist of desired behavior "as soon as the door clinks behind them." Education, fitness and honesty are among them, he said. Substance-abuse issues must be addressed prior to release, he said.

Bailey also suggested that polygraph tests be used on sex offenders and inmates with drug dependency. Such tests would measure their intent to repeat the crimes, he said.

Sarah Sugden, Rotary's local president, agreed with Bailey that such work programs reduce the number of repeat offenders.

"It's about moving forward," Sugden said. "That is the ideal to which we should strive, identifying innovative ways to find alternatives."

Sugden, director of the Waterville Public Library, is involved with Greater Waterville Community Children and Youth, which she said helps children who have made wrong choices.

Larry Grard -- 861-9239

After his presentation, Sarah presented Mr. Bailey with a Rotary Four Way Test keychain with the thanks of the club.