Sarah Sugden, Seth Sherwood, and Don Plourde, our next 3 Club Presidents shared information about themselves with the Club Membership.
Rotary Meeting for Monday, June 22, 2009 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms


Ed Oliver was our Sergeant of Arms today. Thanks, again, Ed!!!!!



Nancy Findlan served as Greeter today. Next week's greeter for the June 29 meeting will be Ann Beverage.

50/50 Tickets


John Dalton sold $80 worth of 50/50 tickets. Dan Bickford won $40, and Gary Hammond won 10 free tickets to the next 50/50 drawing .

Fined for pictures in the Paper


David Anderman, Scott Bullock, and David Gellar had their pictures was in the paper last week and were fined accordingly.


Cell Phones


A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2008-2009 Club year. No fines assessed today.

On Leave


Cynthia Corbin.

World Service Cups


The World Service cups for this month will go to support the Community Gardens planted near the North Street recreational fields.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests


David Geller introduced Jeff Russell from the Bangor Club. Jeff works with Merrill Bank and gets to Waterville frequently.

What can you do?


* Tell Board Members what you are passionate about for community projects

* Tell the program committee about interesting speakers/topics you would like to listen to

* Be involved, join a committee

* Be active

* Be positive

Happy Dollars


Cathy Langlais shared that she and Lenny had their kid's home yesterday and they all had lobster. She is also happy that 32 years ago there were doctors around who would listen to what patients were telling them about signs and symptoms so that they could fix the patients.

Sarah Sugden had 2 Happy Dollars…. One for her son Jack, who is at Camp Tracy on McGrath Pond today. The other is for her upcoming trip to a place that is warm and sunny!

Wally Buschmann won't be here next week due to a family gathering on Cape Cod. That said he wanted to offer a Happy Dollar for the great year that Ally has had.

Tom Longstaff wanted to also offer a Happy Dollar to publically thank Ally for all the hard work she has done this year. Tom also shared that the "soft opening" of Barrel's took place this morning. The more formal opening will occurred later this month. He reminded everyone that Rotary has been very supportive of Barrel's and encouraged club members to stop in when they are downtown.

Peter Garrett had several dollars that he wanted to offer today….. 1) He is working to help get the Hallowell Club up and running and would appreciate the names of any prospective club members this club might be able to refer him to. 2) Yesterday he finished the last leg of the Trek Across Maine for the American Lung Association and wanted to share his admiration for those riders who start out saying they can't make it because of the conditions and end up at the finish line. He shared an outstanding example of sportsmanship that he observed in the rain. 3) Finally, he just returned home from the UK which was necessary because of his brother's recent death from cancer. He shared how nice it was to be there with his family and reflected for the group on the decision making process they went through as the end got closer and what a gift that was for his brother and the family. Thank you for sharing with us Peter!!



There were no announcements this week.

Upcoming speaker schedule:


June 29, 2009 Club Assembly

July 6, 2009 Sylvia Plourde, Incoming District Governor

July 13, 2009 Club Assembly

July 20, 2009 Qiam Amiry will speak on an Afghan Scholars Foundation he is involved with.

July 27, 2009 FairPoint Communications (Bob Froberg)

August 3, 2009 Classification Talks

August 10, 2009 Peter Vigue, CEO of Cianbro

August 17, 2009 Lauren Shaw, Water for Cambodia

August 24, 2009 TBA

August 31, 2009 TBA

08-09 Board of Directors:


Ally Karter - President

Sarah Sugden - President Elect

Seth Sherwood - Vice President

Cathy Langlais - Secretary

Steve Kelleher - Assistant Secretary

Allan Rancourt - Charitable Treasurer

Don Borman - Operations Treasurer

Marc Pitman - Club Service

Mark Ford - Rotary Foundation

Eric Haley - Past President

Nancy Gallagher - Public Relations

Debbie Knox - Community Service

Ed Riggs - International Service

Reg Perry -  Fundraising

Tom Longstaff - Vocational Service

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Today's Program: Classification Talks (Sarah Sugden, Seth Sherwood, and Don Plourde)

In the interest of giving the Club a perspective on the future leadership, it was decided to have the next 3 Presidents give classification talks this week.

Sarah Sugden (2009-10)

Sara, who is the Director of the Waterville Public Library didn't grow up wanting to become a librarian. After graduating from Waterville Senior High School, she went to Dartmouth College. She was fortunate to have been on scholarship and, as such, worked in the Arts Library on campus. When Senior year rolled around, she (and others) were asking themselves "what are you going to do??." After talking with a number of people, one in particular suggested graduate school in Library and Information Sciences….. and the rest is history. She shared her experiences growing up going to the Waterville Library and tells kids today that this is where it all started for her. She considers herself an Information Scientist, ie knowing where and how to find information about anything.

Sarah earned a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from Simmons College in Boston, where she met her husband. After graduating, she worked in the Phoenix, AZ library system, which has 13 branches and there she had a great experience and a wonderful mentor who broke the stereotype mold for a librarian and taught her new ways to think of things. While in Phoenix, Sarah started a teen reading program. She then moved to North Carolina to be a high school librarian, which she learned was a branch of the field that was not for her. She then moved back to Boston and worked in the Cambridge, MA Public Library. In many ways, Cambridge is like Waterville and while there, she learned that the most effective changes come through partnerships. When the opportunity to return to Waterville came up, it was too much to resist. One of the first things she did after settling in was to look up Rotary, primarily because of what she learned from her mentor in Cambridge. This individual, who was the Director of the Cambridge Library, was also an active Rotarian and President during her tenure down there.

Sarah and her family love Waterville and Central Maine and sees her role as a chance to help people and make a difference. Speaking of Rotary, she finds it remarkable that she can be involved with 1.2 million other individual worldwide trying to effect positive change in people's lives. She feels very lucky to have fallen into a club like ours which has such a positive perspective on how we feel about our neighbors and the challenges we face every day to help those people out. Finally, she is a strong advocate of efforts Rotary is making on Peace and Conflict Resolution and looks forward to doing more to doing work in that area.

Seth Sherwood (2010-2011)

Seth shared that his epitaph might well be "A day early and a dollar short". When he first met Ally, she asked him if he was ready yet to which he responded that he's as ready as he ever will be. Seth is a banker and he noted that while all bankers are supposed to be like Mr. Potter in I's a Wonderful life, he doesn't see himself that way.

Seth grew up in Augusta and married the girl who sat next to him in high school. He went to USM and started studying Art but soon changed to American Literature. His first job was as a supervisor at Marriott and went into their management training program where he worked 60 hours a week but didn't care for working evenings, nights and week ends. That led him to look at other industries and soon found himself in the banking industry as a teller. He was soon asked to move into the credit department, where he reviewed loan documents. He then developed an expertise in commercial lending and underwriting. Since he was living in Augusta and working in Portland, the strain of travel wore on he and his family and he soon found himself attracted to People's Heritage, now TD BankNorth in Waterville, where he met Dave Grenier and Edie Scott and started working there as a portfolio officer in 2002. In this role, he assists other lenders with their clients.

Seth and his wife live in Augusta and have 2 children.

Don Pourde (2011-2012)

Don was born and raised in Winslow and grew up on a chicken farm, where their hens laid 10,000 eggs/day. In high school he bagged groceries at Shop & Save. After high school, he went to UMA, however, he didn't like school at that time and decided to take the real estate licensing course. After a short stint at Scott Paper, he started working with ERA McCann Real Estate and finished the classes for his real estate broker's license. He worked as a broker for McCann for 6 years and, after a number of swings in the economy and a several corporate changes in the Waterville market, he and his wife now own the Coldwell Banker office on Silver Street. He just celebrated his 26th year in the Real Estate business

15 years ago, Barbie Arbour invited him to join our Club and over that time, he has made his best friends here. He lives in Winslow with his wife and they have 2 daughters…. 1 lives in Texas and the other works in Boston at Fidelity Investments.

He loves to golf, ski, and kayak.

Thanks to Sarah, Seth and Don for sharing with us today!!