Tom Sturtevant and Trapper Clark dicussed the suceess of their local award winning manufacturing company, ALCOM.
Rotary Meeting for Monday, June 14, 2010 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms


Matt Clark served as our Sergeant of Arms today. Thanks, again Matt!!!!!



Gary Hammond was our Greeter today. Thanks, Gary!! Buzz Buzzell will be our Greeter next week.

50/50 Tickets


John Fortier sold $128 for the 50/50 raffle today and John Gary Hammond was the winner of $64. Gary will sell tickets again on June 21st. John Fortier won 10 free tickets for next meeting's 50/50 drawing.

World Service Cup


The donations for this month's World Service Cup will go to a yet to be determined community project.

Fined for pictures in the Paper


Sarah Sugden was fined $5 for her picture in the paper this week.

Cell Phones


A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2009-2010 Club year. No fines assessed today.

On Leave


Joan Phillips-Sandy

Paul LePage

Dan Bickford

Cindy Corbin

Sharon Corwin

Ally Karter

Deb Schmid

Visiting Rotarians and Guests


Wally Buschmann introduced our guest speakers, Tom Sturtevant, Trapper Clark, and Logan Feeney.

Alan Rancourt introduced Peter Clark, a visiting Rotarian from Seminole County Florida and who will be opening a new business on KMD soon.

Alan also introduced Francis Rodrigue from the Sunrise Club.

What can you do?


* Tell Board Members what you are passionate about for community projects

* Tell the program committee about interesting speakers/topics you would like to listen to

* Be involved, join a committee

* Be active

* Be positive

Happy Dollars


Ken Vlodek shared that over the week end they went to a family wedding in Rumford, after which he went down to Wells for the Relay for Life walk at the high school. Ken indicated that it was a remarkable and moving experience and would recommend it to members of the club interested in supporting cancer research..

Janet Parkhurst was happy about the wine they go from Suzanne and Jeff, their 2nd bottle from the Fling. This one came with the recommendation of goat cheese and game bird or just a baguette. Janet shared that they opted for the baguette in their boat but only got to the end of the dock because their daughter left the ignition on which drained their battery.

Dan Parks shared that his son graduated from the SUNY Medical College in Su=yracuse, NY on May 23 and get married last week. Needless to say, Dan is a very proud Dad! Congrats, Dan!.

Seth Sherwood shared that next week he won't be with us because he'll be attending the International Convention in Montreal. Good luck, Seth!!< p>

Tom Longstaff had a great visit to Orlando recently to visit his son and family for the high school graduation of his grandchild. He was very happy that he had a chance to spend time with his son who is now back from deployment to Iraq.

Peter Garrett had a Happy and a Sad Dollar. He was happy about the great experience over the past several months campaigning and meeting all sorts of nice people. That said, he was sad that he lost.

John, Fortier was very happy about the recent success of our fellow Rotarian Paul LePage in last week's primary. John shared that Paul was able to get many new voter out for his party's election and invited those who are interested to join Paul at a unifying reception at Castonguay Square tis Wednesday at 11AM.

Gary Hammond is also happy about Paul's success. He also shared his happiness about winning the 50/50.. p>

Sarah Sugden had 3 happy dollars for the picture in the paper. She also had 2 for Jack and Madeline who are turning 8 and 2 respectively. Both had a great week end and she is most grateful for local family who are available to take them from time to time in order to give she and her husband a week end off.



Suzanne Uhl-Melanson shared that there will be a Foundation Committee meeting after adjournment today for about 15 minutes.

Upcoming speaker schedule:


June 21, 2010 Jennifer Howe, Community Outreach Manager " Info on Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center"

June 28, 2010 Sarah Sudgden & Don Plourde "Club Assembly & Induction of New Members"

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Today's Program: An Overview of Alcom's Success Story (Tom Sturtevant and Trapper Clark)

Our speakers today are Thomas Sturtevant and Trapper Clark, owners of ALCOM (Aluminum Company of Maine) in Winslow. They were the 2010 recipients of the Small Business Administration's 2010 Small Business Person of the Year award presented by President Obama. In 2005, ALCOM which manufactures aluminum trailers, started with a handful of people in 8,000 square feet of space in the old Wyandotte Mill in Waterville. They produced about 2 trailers a week. Five years later, they are doing an average of 100 trailers a week in a 70,000 square-foot factory in the Winslow Industrial Park, employing 100 people. They anticipate employing about 200 people by 2013. Current sales are about $18 million a year. According to the company's five-year plan, $44 million is expected by 2013. There's plenty of trailer competition on the national scale, but most companies focus on making one or two types of aluminum trailers, where ALCOM will make just about anything, and builds only what its dealers order-and to custom specifications, too.

With the first five years behind them, the pair is looking for steady growth in the next five.

After Tom and Trapper's presentation, Sarah honored them with a certificate noting that 6 children will receive polio vaccinations in his name as a token of appreciation and with the thanks and best wishes of the Club