Posted on Feb 02, 2018

If you weren't able to attend Monday's meeting, you missed a fantastic presentation on the RiverWalk at Head of Falls (thanks Lisa and Mike!). You also missed hearing about how much money you recently helped us raise for the Waterville Food Bank through those pesky Cups and Fines! How much? Well, we donated a very solid $611 - but exactly how does this money help the Food Bank? We turned to Rotarian Dave Dawson for insight.

The vast majority of the money donated to the Food Bank is used to purchase food. An all-volunteer organization that doesn't pay rent, much of their overhead is for their van, equipment, insurance and such. They have approximately 50 regular volunteers and they are supplemented by about 50 additional occasional volunteers each year.

The Waterville Food Bank served clients from 793 unique households last year! Some of its clients come once every 14 days, others a couple of times a year. The Food Bank purchases approximately $25,000 worth of food each year and supplements that amount with other food donations. Dave and the Food Bank greatly appreciate cash donations such as the one from the Waterville Rotary Club which helps facilitate bulk purchasing and makes the processing of food less labor intensive.

Thank you Rotarians for helping support this VITAL resource here in City of Waterville, Maine -- and thank you Dave for all of your hard work at the Food Bank and in Rotary.

Yay us! Take a moment and be proud Rotarians. YOU did this. You help feed the hungry. Your participation in Rotary makes a difference in our community, each and every day