Posted by NHT and AL on Feb 15, 2018
Hello Rotary friends!
If you missed our meeting on Monday you missed some great information on this year's Spring Fling! The event is scheduled for April 13th but has a new and exciting venue!  Waterville Brewing on the first floor of the Hathaway Building will host our Spring Fling this year. So exciting!!  Far more than simply a social event, this is one of our Club's biggest fundraisers (we only do two!) and supports all the important work we do here in greater Waterville and around the world. Spring Fling powers Rhoda Reads! RYLA? Not without the Spring Fling, Junior. How about that RiverWalk? It'd be a RiverNOT without the Spring Fling! Our global water projects would dry up as well if not for the Spring Fling.
Are you getting what we're laying down? Time to get in the Spring Fling groove Rotarians! 
The Spring Fling is a fellowship event where we get to reconnect with your friends in Rotary over an evening of fun!
  • It includes a live auction run by Jim Julia and Mark Ford
  • There is a silent auction
  • NEW this year - a Bid on Your Own Dessert table! Where instead of having dessert catered, Rotarians can bid on the desserts they want to share with their tables. Guess who's baking/making those desserts? (Oh yes you are!)
But in order to make all of these wonderful things happen we could use a few more hands. And when we say a 'few' more hands. We mean you Bruce. And you Nate. And you too Tamsen. And Lucille and Jeff and Elery and Laurie and Charlie and Don and Kim and that Dave guy too! (C'mon Dave!) Alice, c'mon, help us out. David won't mind - in fact, we bet he'll be there too! With Lisa, and Mike, and Tina and Buffy...okay, we're thinking you get the point.
Adrienne has provided us with a sign up sheet of positions we need filled, most importantly ticket sales!! If you are someone who doesn't like to bid, or didn't plan to attend this event, try volunteering!
Be thinking of unique and creative items to donate! Remember, this isn't a fundraiser where we need to solicit non-Rotarians. Think of something creative and experiential you can share with the group! Items over a $100 value will be in the live auction, items under $100 will be in the silent auction. Adrienne has also provided last year's program to help give you ideas. She's very helpful that Adrienne. (Thank you Adrienne!)
Not to make this a competition (but it is) last year the Sunrise Club kicked our behinds. They had lots of help and lots of donations. You saw the email from Adrienne - with a club our size we should be able to knock them out of the water easy peasey, all for the love of Rotary, the love of Waterville, the love of our planet. So let's kick it into high gear! Check out this super awesome and easy-to-use donation form! You'll need this!
Please feel free to send any questions or concerns Adrienne's way, she'd love to chat with you.
As always, THANK YOU Rotarians. Our work isn't always easy, but it's important. You matter and thank you for your service before self!