For an easy way to make your EREY Donation to the Rotary Foundation use the RI Web Contribution Form.  Click Here to contribute  For instructions...

To contribute click here

Click on "I am a Rotariarn"

If you aren't registered,

  •    Click on "Register Now"
  •    Enter your email address (twice) and click "Submit"
  •    Enter your name, address, and additional information on the form (we are district 7790, club Waterville and click "Submit"
  •    You may have to wait to receive your membership login information from RI

If you are registered:

  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your Rotary International Password
  • click on "Login:
  • click on "Contribute to the Rotary Foundation"

Please apply this contribution to the following fund:

  • Select "Annual Programs Fund"
  • Enter contribution amount
  • click on "continue"

Please enter your credit card information (this is a secure site)

  • Click on "Submit Contribution"