Ryan Liberty introduced today's speaker, his brother, Randall Liberty the current Sheriff of Kennebec County.


Happy Dollars
Ken Vlodek shared good new about his daughter's recent health issue.
Dan Bickford shared that at the Pig Roast Auction, they bought the dance lesson item that was offered by Karen Heck and Bruce Olsen. They had a wonderful time and learned that one additional benefit of this item is the maple and apple champagnes that were made by Karen and Bruce!
Ally shared that on New Years Day, she and Chuck went to L.L. Bean's and when she got home discovered she had left her purse there.. which was found. She was very thankful for the Rotarian who also happened to be there and who picked it up and brought it back to Waterville.
Kim Lindlof shared the names of those selected for recognition by the Chamber of Commerce:

  • Distinguished Community Service Kevin Joseph (Joseph's Market)
  • Business Family of the Year The Godine Family (Elm City Photo)
  • Business of the Year J & S Oil
  • Elias Joseph Award Michael Hersey (Morning Sentinel)
  • Outstanding Professional Eric Haley (Superintendant, Waterville Public Schools)
  • Rising Star Award Nicole Desjardins (Hampton Inn)
  • Community Service Project Waterville Humane Society
    Kim also shared some personal remembrances about Dave Savage, a former Rotarian, who passed away last week.
    Tom Longstaff was glad to see a recent article suggesting that the secret to longevity consists of a regular diet of coffee, a donut, peanut butter, and cheese.
    Tom McGowan shared some moments of their trip to visit relatives in Ohio over the holidays, including a stretch of experiencing "lake effect snow" on the NY State Thruway in upstate NY. Tom and his family are very happy to be home ... and to see 2008 finally finished. He wished a Happy New Year to everyone with confidence that 2009 will be a great one for all of us!
    Elizabeth Vanderweide is very happy about the 425 babies who have been signed up to date as part of the launch of the Harold Alfond Scholarship Program for children born in Maine.
    Sheryl Milliard recounted the awesome experience that she had at Dan Bickford's recently. They were able to place a second bid on this item and were very happy that they won it. Sheryl strongly recommended members to bid on this next year.
    Ally had several announcements for the membership:
  • For the remainder of the year, the catering of our meetings will be done, on alternating months, by Eric's and the Heritage House. She also wanted to extend the Club's thanks to the other caterers who participated in the selection process.
  • A sympathy card for Dave Savage's family can be found at the sign in table.
  • A reminder that on January 19th, we will be sponsoring the Martin Luther King Breakfast, which is being held this year at the First congregational Church in Waterville. Because it is a Federal holiday, there will not be a Rotary meeting, however, this can be used as a make-up meeting.
    Sarah Sugden presented the following slate for the 2009-10 Board of Directors:
  • President Sarah Sugden
  • President-elect Seth Sherwood
  • Vice President Don Plourde
  • Immediate Past President Ally Karter
  • Secretary Steve Kelleher
  • Treasurer-Charitable Allan Rancourt
  • Treasurer-Operations Don Borman
  • Fund Raising Ed Oliver
  • Club Administration Lucille Zelenkewich
  • Rotary Foundation Suzanne Uhl-Melanson
  • International Service Chris Gaunce
  • Vocational Services Tom Longstaff
  • Public Relations Nancy Gallagher
  • Community Service Nicky Desjardins
  • At-Large Cathy Langlais
  • At-Large Peter Garrett
    After discussion, it was moved, seconded and unanimously voted to approve the slate of Board members for the 2009-2010 Club Year.

    Today's Program: Overview of the Kennebec County Sherriff's Department (Sherriff Randall Liberty)
    Ryan Liberty introduced today's speaker, his brother, Randall Liberty the current Sheriff of Kennebec County. Mr. Liberty is from Benton, Maine. He has an extensive military and criminal justice background and is presently a top candidate for nomination for the U. S. Marshall position for Maine.

    Sheriff Liberty provided the Club with an overview of the Kennebec County Sheriffs Department. The Sheriff's Department employs 120 staff persons. It is a full service Sheriff's office. Kennebec County is proud to be a leader in both the law enforcement and correctional fields in the State of Maine. This leadership is demonstrated by establishing Maine's first TRIAD in 1993, and developing alternative sentencing programs like Thumbs-Up and OUI Weekends, which save tax payers' money and provide much needed public service projects to municipalities.

    Mr. Liberty emphasized the problem of drugs in our community and shared samples of typical illegal drugs confiscated in our communities. He also discussed the Corrections Division as a major division in our Sherriff's office. This is a costly endeavor but Kennebec County has maintained a cost per day of $85.00, which is the national average. The new Somerset County facility is estimated to have a cost per day that is double that.

    Sheriff Liberty discussed the Inmate Work Program, most recently involving litter pick up and recycling. He discussed the Sheriff's Office underage drinking prevention and sex offender registry work. The department is currently managing 180 sex offenders. They supplement what the towns can accomplish.

    Mr. Liberty feels we are losing the war on drugs. The audience had many questions regarding the pros and cons of the decriminalization of illegal drugs. There was a great deal of discussion regarding this topic. Mr. Liberty was clear that he did not agree with this approach and did endorse substance abuse prevention, education and the work aimed at early childhood education.