Posted on Sep 26, 2017
Happy Autumnal splendor, Rotarians - fall has arrived and with it a very busy season for the Waterville Rotary Club! Not only do we have our weekly Club meetings, which have been especially wonderful these last few weeks as Rotarians get back into a post-summer routine, but we also have some big events coming our way!
Reminder: a list of upcoming events can be found on our Rotary website (yes, this site!) but when in doubt check our Facebook Page, it's a great resource for our events too and is a super-easy way to connect with your fellow Rotarians each and every day. (Please "Like" the Page if you haven't already!)
As many of your learned in this week's Waterville Rotary Club meeting, it's time for our annual Waterville Rotary Club Radio Auction! This year's Auction will be held on Wednesday, November 29th and Thursday, November 30th -- and we kicked things off this week by handing out the auction slips. We have PLENTY of Auction slips left for Rotarians who were unable to make it to this week's meeting -- please email Adrienne Lovejoy to get yours ASAP. Why? Completed auction slips are due OCTOBER 16th! Yes, just a few weeks away, we're moving quickly this year to ensure the event's success -- with the Centennial Project coming right up we need to raise as much money as possible. You can do it Rotarians!
Not only do we have the Auction coming right up, we also have World Polio Day coming up on October 24th. This is a very important day for Rotarians, we're on a mission to eradicate Polio worldwide and this is an excellent opportunity to raise both our club's visibility and money to combat this horrible disease. This year we're being ambitious - we'd like to raise $500 on World Polio Day - and have a plan to make it happen. Rotarian Jen Olsen is going to be baking baskets of 'Purple Pinkie Cookies' (think a milano-style cookie dipped in purple chocolate/frosting) that Rotarians will take to work or another gathering place to sell for this fundraising effort. (We expect a suggested donation of $1 per cookie but you know your coworkers/friends best - it's a fundraiser so perhaps you can have fun with it!) Literature and information on Rotary International's polio eradication efforts will be provided with every basket making it an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of one of our key missions. To order a basket (or baskets!) email Rotarian Jen Olsen and let her know how many cookies you think you can sell. We'll have a basket ready for you to pick up at our Monday, October 23rd Rotary Club Meeting. Let's do this Rotarians - it's going to be a fun way to try and raise $500 for this very important cause.
Also coming up -- well, we think that's enough for now. But trust us, there's more! For now, let's just enjoy the upcoming Leaf Peeping season and of course let's get those Rotary Radio Auction slips filled out by October 16th!