Today's program: The Community Catalyst for Energy Conservation and Sustainability
 (Mike Roy and Elery Keene)
Sergeant at Arms
Frank Prelgovisk was our Sergeant of Arms. Today and, as always did a great job!

Roger Knauff welcomed us into the meeting today!

50/50 Tickets
Barbara Woodlee sold $85 worth of 50/50 tickets. Ken Viens won $42.50 in the raffle.  Ken will sell tickets next week.  Dan Parks won 10 free tickets to the next 50/50 drawing.  Kevin O'Leary will be the greeter for meeting on February 9th.

Fined for pictures in the Paper
Kim Lindlof, Mike Roy, and Peter Garrett  had their pictures in the paper last week and were fined accordingly.
World Service Cups
The World Service cups will support the Quarry Road Trail Project

Happy Dollars
Karen Heck had 10 Happy Dollars because of the article on domestic violence which appeared in the Sentinel a month ago and the role that our Rotarians played in that effort.  She shared that the paper is planning on doing another follow-up in this issue focusing on the work place.

Ed Riggs had 5 Happy Dollars related to the changes that have occurred in Washington over the past month.

Kim Lindlof shared that she had a call this morning about the impact of a reduced postal delivery schedule on the Chamber Members and asked the members present to see her with any feed back that she can use in responding.

Alice Anderman shared that she just returned from Wisconsin where she was visiting her daughter in who recently delivered a baby boy and their first grandson.  Congratulations Alice!!!

Ken Vlodek was happy about the 10 days he recently spent in Florida getting away from the cold streak we've been having.  He also suggested that with respect to the Washington scene, we should visit that discussion in 100 days.  Finally, on the downside, one of his dogs, who he didn't kennel while he was away in Florida, got into a bit of mischief involving a cell phone he left out while he was away.  

Mike Roy is very happy about Bill Arnold settling up with him on the Colby-Bowdoin basketball and hockey games recently.

Bill Arnold shared that he believes he's set the record for the Club, the District, and possibly RI for being the oldest fist time grandfather.  His daughter and son-in-law had a new grandchild on January 22.

Licille Zelenkewich had 5 Happy Dollars for the trip she and her husband recently took to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and the Virgin Islands.  She's also happy that it's now February 2nd and she hasn't had to go snowmobiling yet.

Peter Garrett shared his enthusiasm about the upcoming opening of the Quarry Road Trail, which will become part of the Kennebec Messalonskee Trail System.  The official opening will be on February 7th at 10AM and everyone was encouraged to be there for this event.

Peter shared that Bill and Melinda Gates recently gave more funding to support the eradication of polio and, as such, he encouraged the membership to consider following suit to help stamp out this disease.

Sarah Sugden announced that the Finance Committee would be having a brief meeting afterwards.

Upcoming speaker schedule:
February 9, 2009    Col. Patrick Fleming, head of the Maine State Police
February 16, 2009    No Meeting (President's Day)
February 23, 2009    Jenny Chen, Colby freshman & founder of an international magazine
March 2, 2009        Carol L. Coffin, District 7790 Polio Plus co-chair

Today's Program:  The Community Catalyst for Energy Conservation and Sustainability
 (Mike Roy and Elery Keene)
Mike introduced the subject by sharing that in 2006-07, a group began to look at the issue of energy conservation and sustainability in Waterville with the assistance of a benefactor-supported intern.  In 2007, the scope of the project expanded with additional funding to support bringing Winslow, Fairfield, and Oakland into the mix which led to the convening of a 3-day forum in late 2008 for the purpose of discussing the data and developing an action plan for implementing the ideas emerging from the conference.

Reviewing the forum at a high level, Elery shared that those present were concerned about the approaching day when we would be without the petroleum products necessary to carry on with life as we know it, thus forcing us to make significant compromises.

The output of the forum has been remarkable, according to Mika and Elery, noting that the Lead Team dealing with Generating Renewable Energy and Private Conservation and has had several meetings.  Specifically, they are investigating the use of wind power in the region.  The big question on this piece is whether or not there is enough wind on a consistent basis to make it feasible.  This group is also looking at weatherization of homes and buildings; development of centrally located heating using waste wood products to heat municipal buildings.  They noted that food also received a considerable amount of discussion.  Elery shared that John Kerry from the State Energy Office would be speaking at Thomas College on March 3 at 6PM to discuss the issue in a community forum.  All are invited to attend.

Mike indicated that the complete report can be found on the City of Waterville website.  (  He urged the Club membership to visit the site, b, become familiar with the report, and offer any insight they might have as this project continues.

Mike then read the Vision Statement that was formed by the group and which took a complete day to formulate.

Following the presentation, there was considerable discussion regarding the use of wind power in the region.  Peter suggested that there may, in fact, not be enough wind to support the turbines and suggested that attention needs to be directed towards conservation, a point that was echoed by others in the group.

The feasibility of hydroelectric power was also raised in discussion and Mike noted that because of the environmental issues associated with that subject, it did not receive a great deal of attention.

There being no further questions, Ally presented Mike and Elery with a Four Way Test key chain as a token of the Club's appreciation for sharing their remarks with us.

The next meeting will be on Monday, February 2nd when the speaker will be Col. Patrick Fleming from the Maine State Police.