Ally Karter started the meeting off by challenging all members to generate concepts and ideas for the future work of Waterville Rotarians.

Rotary Meeting MinutesDecember 28, 2008

Ally Karter started the meeting off by challenging all members to generate concepts and ideas for the future work of Waterville Rotarians. The membershipat each table were asked to consider the discussion of possible opportunities to demonstrate our "Service above Self" in the following categories:Programs, Community Services, Public relations and Fund Raising.Groups were to report back at the end of the meeting.

Club Assembly

Reg. Perry announced that there will not be a fundraising activity this Winter.

Rotary Foundation 1:1 matches are available from July 1, 2008 forward.Very clever way to get Paul Harris fellowship dollars up.

Groups were given additional time to review their assignment and report back.

Groups reported as follows:

Ally Karter - Community Projects - Environmental and graffiti clean up, like "MakeDifference Day", possibly take different charities and ask what their needs are.

Publicize the work that we do for future membership.

Lisa Simm- Community Projects - Energy conservation and sustainability & community gardens.Perhapsa project that comes out of the Jan 17,18, 19 at the Opera House.Any project dealing with underserved mental illness or poverty.Outdoor recreation in our area, proactive about exercise and it's impact on health, possibly support work being done at Colby.Attempt more hands on assistance vs. just monetary support. Revitalize the South end, specifically the trail near the IslandPark, possible community garden in South End.Support current initiatives such as; Educare - 0-5 early childhoodintervention, Waterville Public Library, Waterville Opera House, the revitalization of FortHalifax.

Membership - Suggested making member donations tax deductable,

Increasing young people in Rotary, involve Roteract and Interact.Making the Club more connected to the community.More follow up on past projects ie. AlfondCenter and trails.More overlap with other organizations to assure no overlap

Kim Lindloff - Membership- Review category's that are weak.Survey members who have dropped.Encourage members to invite more guests. Thank those who do things for the club.Possible membership to Chamber allowing us a booth at the Business Show.Fellowship events may need to be during the week vs. week end.

Gary Hammond - Fund Raising - discussed the fact that the Pig Roast will not be at Hammonds, next year.What will be the alternative?Do we want a service auction at meetings.Do we want to combine the Pig roast with the Boat About.

Reg Perry - Fund Raising - Discussed frequency of fund raising events, perhaps combine Pig Roast with Boat About and have it earlier.Perhaps cut down to three fund raisers.

Mark Pitman - Programs - More from the for profit businesses.Political speakers were well accepted.Utilize Colby as a resource for outside speakers.

Mike Roy - Get a wider more global perspective on programs from with support of Colby and perhaps get more speakers on sustainability.

Eric Haley - Public Relations - overall we are pleased with what is out there. Perhaps more can be done with the website.May help with non- Rotarians.Distribute the club bulletin to a wider membership.Use other publications beside the Sentinel.Possible inventory of clothing that identifies us as Rotarians, to be worn in the community.Perhaps a continual newspaper add, same location, that was updated with our activities on an outgoing basis. More recognition around Paul Harris Fellow.

ALly Karter shared that she wanted us to do this exercise to recognize our past and our vision for the future.

David Geller asked inquired about the Global Forum.Allison will check with Tom Longstaff.

Scott Bullock asked about succession planning for coordination of Events.

Mike Roy asked for more classification talks.