Volunteers of Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area (Deb Thurston and Jan Osborn)

Rotary Meeting for Monday, December 22nd held at the AlfondYouthCenter - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms
Matt Clark again did a great job as Sergeant of Arms.

Roger Woolsey welcomed us into the meeting with Holiday Cheer!

50/50 Tickets
Jerry Tipper sold $82 worth of 50/50 tickets. Ed Oliver won $41 in the raffle and will sell tickets next week. Dan Parks won 10 free tickets to the next 50/50 drawing.  Dan will be the greeter for next week's meeting on December 29th.

Fined for pictures in the Paper
There were no fines for pictures this week

Cell Phones
A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2008-2009.

On Leave
Sharon Abrams - leave of absence (August - December)

World Service Cups
The World Service cups will support the Homeless Emergency Fund.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests
There were no guests or visiting Rotarians this week.

Happy Dollars
Alice Anderman shared that after Christmas, a group from the First congregational Church will be heading to Ecuador and thanked the Club Membership for the support that they have received.

Seth Sherwood shared that they took their boys to Kringleville last week and how much they enjoyed it.  He also noted that the sign that was stolen from the Green St. Park has now been replaced and secured.   Parks and Recreation staff will be adding a cement pad in the spring.

Mike Roy shared that his daughter, a Senior at UMO was recently notified that she is ranked #1 in her class.  Congrats Mike!

Steve Kelleher shared that he's happy to have made it back to Waterville from Augusta last evening in the snowstorm.

Don Plourde was happy that the Patriots won this week end and that he was able to sell his tickets before the game!

Jim Schmidt shared that Mal Wilson's widow just celebrated her 92nd birthday.

Mary Smith (HVWA) shared that she's happy that her sister is going to be visiting for the holidays.  She's also happy that she was able to get out of her driveway this morning.  Finally, she just learned that she has been elected to the board of Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area and is looking forward to helping them with their efforts.

Gary Hammond shared that his employees voted to have the money that would have gone to their Christmas Gift be donated to a charitable cause.  He noted that this amounted to about $4,000.

Charlie Gaunce was happy that it snowed!

Ally was happy that her stepson was recently accepted at Husson.

Eric Veilleaux (Eric's) thanked the Club for the opportunity to cater our noon meeting during 2009.

Ally reminded everyone that next week's meeting will be a Club Assembly and that every effort should be made to attend.

Today's Program:  Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area (Deb Thurston and Jan Osborn)

Butch Merritt introduced Deb Thurston, Community Education and Outreach Coordinator and Jan Osborn, Director of Volunteers and Bereavement Services at hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area.  Together they shared information about HVWA which is summarized on the attached slide presentation.  For additional information you may contact Deb (dthurston@hvwa.org) or Jan (josborn@hvwa.org ) at the Hospice Community Center,304 Main Street Waterville, Maine 04901 (Telephone: 207-873-3615).

Hospice emphasizes living each day to the fullest-in a comfortable place, free of pain and
surrounded by loved ones.  Whether it's at home, in a nursing care facility or in the
hospital, we offer patients and families the choice of care to best meet their needs.

Hospice Volunteers of Waterville Area is a volunteer organization which provides a wide range of support for patients and families in the greater Waterville area.  Our services include hospice and bereavement volunteer support, bereavement programs, support groups, a grieving children's program and Camp Ray of Hope. HealthReach Hospice is a full-service Medicare Certified Hospice providing comprehensive care throughout Kennebec and Southern Somerset County.  

Through a formal agreement, HVWA collaborates with HealthReach to provide
volunteer and bereavement services in the greater Waterville area.  Since 1992,
HealthReach Hospice and HVWA have partnered to identify and meet the needs of
patients, their families and the community during the last phases of life and
throughout the grieving process.

Some facts from the Maine Hospital Association and the Maine Hospice Council
In Maine, the hospice system is not fully used by patients, their families or their
caregivers due to: Lack of awareness, Cultural beliefs, Barriers to access

At least 50% of Mainers do not know what hospice is or what services are offered!
Only 10% of Mainers utilize Hospice services at end-of-life Maine is 46th in the country (4th from lowest) for utilization of Hospice services!

Do you know what Hospice is and why these services are important to you and your community?

Here are a few good reasons...

Children, the overlooked grievers, are not as resilient as some adults think they are!

Hospice serves individuals with:
Kidney failure
Neurological disease (i.e. ALS, MD or MS)
End-stage Alzheimer's Disease
Heart failure
Respiratory disease (i.e. Emphysema)
Failure to thrive
In other words, any life-threatening illness.

HVWA serves grieving individuals of all ages:
One-on-one support
Grief Support Groups
Hope's Place for grieving children and teens
Bereavement Correspondence
Lending Library
Special Holiday programs

HVWA provides end-of-life support that may include:
Household chores
Emotional support
Family and caregiver support
Complementary Care

HVWA was founded in 1980 to serve people in the final stages of life - on average 1-5 clients per month.

In 2008 HVWA has served an average of 95 clients per month.

The HVWA bereavement program was initiated in 1993 with a $6,000 donation from the Waterville Rotary. The first grief support group in 1993 was attended by 4 adults.

In 2008 HVWA 20 support groups have been attended by 47 grieving adults, children and teens.

HVWA services are free.
Referrals can be made by:
Home health agencies
The client

How are we funded?

29% Donations from businesses & individuals
28% Grants
22% Community events
11% Contracts
03%  United Way
07% Endowment

How Can YOU Help?

Attend a HVWA community event
Become a Hospice Volunteer
Invite us to speak at your church or civic organization
Be an advocate for Hospice services in your community
Donate something on our wish list (posted on our web site)
Remember our web site address and visit often www.hvwa.org