Posted by Nathan Towne on Aug 16, 2018
The Centennial Gala Committee certainly got noticed at Monday's Rotary Club of Waterville meeting -- donning very adorable 'Happy Birthday' hats to remind us all of our upcoming Centennial Gala! Specifically, the need for us to sell more tickets...
Every active Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Waterville is expected to attend this event celebrating an incredible milestone -- our Club's 100th Anniversary! We have all played a part in getting to this incredible milestone, however there are SO MANY that have come before us this celebration is really for them too. (We're just sorry they couldn't all be at the party though that'd probably get a little creepy...)
To buy tickets, and to help sell tickets, you can visit the Waterville Opera House website online here -- it is easy and convenient! OR you can ask a fellow Rotarian for tickets - many of us are selling them and have them close on hand, including Nate Towne, Lisa Hallee, Tina Chapman, Erin Hartigan and so many more! 
Don't delay - you'll only cause Tina to panic. :)