Local author Gerry Boyle visited the Rotary Club to discuss the profession of writing and his experiences as a well known writer.
Rotary Meeting for Monday, June 7, 2010 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms


Matt Clark served as our Sergeant of Arms today. Thanks, Matt!!!!!



Frank Prelgovisk was our Greeter today. Thanks, Frank!! Gary Hammond will be our Greeter next week.

50/50 Tickets


Duane Wheeler sold $78 for the 50/50 raffle today and John Fortier was the winner of $39. John will sell tickets again on June 14th. Rotary won 10 free tickets for next meeting's 50/50 drawing.

World Service Cup


The donations for this month's World Service Cup will go to a yet to be determined project.

Fined for pictures in the Paper


No one was fined for pictures this week.

Cell Phones


A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2009-2010 Club year. No fines assessed today.

On Leave


Joan Phillips-Sandy

Paul LePage

Dan Bickford

Cindy Corbin

Sharon Corwin

Ally Karter

Deb Schmid

Visiting Rotarians and Guests


Barb Haynes introduced our guest speaker, Gerry Boyle.

Erica Humphrey introduced Peter Clark who is a Rotarian visiting from Seminole County Florida.

David Geller introduced Emily Mayberry, the guest of her dad, Dave.

What can you do?


* Tell Board Members what you are passionate about for community projects

* Tell the program committee about interesting speakers/topics you would like to listen to

* Be involved, join a committee

* Be active

* Be positive

Happy Dollars


Seth Sherwood had 3 Happy Dollars ......1) he just turned 35; 2) he and his wife just celebrated their 10th anniversary; and 3) tomorrow is his son's last day of kindergarten.

Mike Roy was very happy about a press conference he participated in earlier in the morning at KVCC related to the launching of a program dealing with the initiation of energy audits in the region which will target and support energy conservation efforts.

Suzanne Uhl-Melanson had 5 Happy Dollars.......1) she and Jeff just got their wine of the month from Ken Vlodek; 2) they just got back from the Cape where they helped clean out her parent's house and took 4 truckloads of things to the local dump. What was unique is that the dump had a usable item recirculation area where people can drop off in usable items and for free and these items can likewise be picked up by others ..... for free.

Ed Oliver shared that he went to Franks to get a $2 light bulb and walked away with a new boat.

Nancy Gallagher shared that she and Mike have become "Pickle-ball" ambassadors here at the AYC. Feel free to see her about further details.

Bob Tonge was very happy about having attended his granddaughter's graduation from John's Hopkins University and for the fact that she is a Fulbright Scholarship recipient..

Mark Ford had a Happy Birthday Dollar for Ed Oliver, who he shares the same birthday with.

Erica Humphrey was happy that she just celebrated her 5th anniversary and got some bling from Day's Jewelers along with an upgrade option. p>

Janet Parkhurst had several Happy Dollars ....... 1) for hosta's which she bought at the Spring Fling and are now planted on Rubber Duckie hole on their pitch and putt golf course; 2) they just got their wine, goat cheese and lamb from Jeff and Suzanne; 3) and for her 3 kids who participated in the annual Board meeting recently and now are beginning to understand what's going on.

Sue Guigere encouraged everyone to support the referendum for the bond issue supporting capital improvements to the University System. In particular, passing this will allow for much needed repairs to be done at KVCC.

Gary Hammond had 5 Happy Dollars and encouraged everyone to be sure to vote and consider a fellow Rotarian who is running for Governor.

Mike Roy and John Fortier reported that after a brief hospitalization, Mert is on the mend.



Doug Carnrick provided an update on the scholarships that we announced over the past couple of weeks at the local high schools. He added that it was particularly interesting being at Waterville Senior High, where Sarah still knows a number of her former teachers. Doug thanked the Club for the opportunity to be able to award these to some very deserving students.

Upcoming speaker schedule:


June 14, 2010 Tom Sturtevant and Trapper Clark Alcom

June 21, 2010 Jennifer Howe, Community Outreach Mgr. " Info on Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center"

June 28, 2010 Sarah Sudgden & Don Plourde "Club Assembly & Induction of New Members"

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Today's Program: Discussion of Journalism, Authorship, and Screenwriting (Gerry Boyle, author)

Today's speaker was novelist Gerry Boyle. He was born in Chicago & raised in Rhode Island. He majored in English and is a graduate of Colby College. He is the editor of the Colby College alumni magazine. After graduation he worked a short time for Random House, reading 6 manuscripts a day. He then returned to Maine to work for the Rumford Falls Times and then on the Morning Sentinel where he became a fulltime columnist. His job was to write 3 columns a week, 3 times a week. Gerry would roam around Maine looking for a good story. In the late 80's he wrote his first murder mystery, Deadline, on an old Smith Corona. The main character in his book was Jack McMorrow a local newspaper man. The location in this book was loosely modeled around the Rumford area. His next book, Lifeline was modeled around the Waterville area. He's written stories about a murdered newspaper photographer, a woman seeking protection from an abusive spouse, and pot growers in Western Maine. He tries to show both the good and the bad in his characters. The newest book is called Damaged Goods and his latest venture is writing a screenplay, Run Away, about a child protection worker.

Gerry lives in China with his wife, Mary.

After Gerry's presentation, Sarah honored him with a certificate noting that 6 children will receive polio vaccinations in his name as a token of appreciation and with the thanks and best wishes of the Club