Nancy Souza, Director of the South End Teen Center discussed a highly successful pilot program diverting first-time youthful offenders from the court system and guiding them toward developing their own assets.
Rotary Meeting for Monday, May 17, 2010 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms


Frank Prelgovisk served as our Sergeant of Arms today. Thanks, Frank!!!!!



Wally Buschmann was our Greeter today. Thanks, Wally!!

50/50 Tickets


Dan Parks sold $106 for the 50/50 raffle today and John Fortier was the winner of $53. John will sell tickets again on May 17th . Gary Hammond won 10 free tickets for next meeting's 50/50 drawing.

World Service Cup


The donations for this month's World Service Cup will go Soles for Souls, a program designed to provide shoes for earthquake victims.

Fined for pictures in the Paper


Sarah Sugden had her picture in the paper this week and was fined accordingly.

Cell Phones


A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2009-2010 Club year. No fines assessed today.

On Leave


Joan Phillips-Sandy

Paul LePage

Dan Bickford

Cindy Corbin

Sharon Corwin

Ally Karter

Deb Schmid

Visiting Rotarians and Guests


Don Plourde introduced visiting Rotarian Peter Clark.

Nancy Findlan introduced our speaker, Nancy Souza from the South End Teen Center.

Tom Longstaff introduced Karen Rancourt Thomas, a new member of the City Council.

Sarah Sugden introduced Tammy Robideau, the new Business and Careers Librarian at the Waterville Public Library.

What can you do?


* Tell Board Members what you are passionate about for community projects

* Tell the program committee about interesting speakers/topics you would like to listen to

* Be involved, join a committee

* Be active

* Be positive

Happy Dollars


Gerry Tipper had a couple of Happy Dollars.....1) to be back in the area after being in Florida for the past 3 months; 2) for his daughter Ellen who will be featured at the Kirkville, TX Folk Festival later this month.

Ken Walsh is happy that he recently completed the Sugarloaf Marathon with a minimum of preparation. He also announced that he and his wife are expecting their second child in November. Congrats, Ken!

Doug Legg announced that his daughter Catherine just had a baby in Washington ..... a 9 lb. 10 oz boy! Congratulations Grandpa Legg!.

Ken Vlodek shared that Waterville Main Street will be sponsoring tours of some recently renovated apartments that overlook Main Street next Thursday. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at Barrel's.

Tom Martin shared his enjoyment spending time with the folks participating in the Group Study Exchange. They also had a great time at the Fortier's on Friday night.

Kim Hawkes shared with the group what a great family she has. Apparently they all came together recently to help her repair a retaining wall at her house to help ensure that the house would not slide into the Kennebec.

Seth Sherwood was happy about his son Caleb's 4th birthday.

Duane had a Happy Dollar for the enjoyable time he and Lisa spent with the folks in the Group Study Exchange. For those who have not served as a host family, he highly recommends it.

Sue Guigere shared that there is a bond issue coming up that will provide funding for some long awaited and needed upgrades on the KVCC campus. As a member of the Board of Trustees, she encouraged the group to support this bond issue in June.

Tom Barton is happy to be back from Florida. He shared some of his Rotary experiences at the Sarasota Keys Rotary club.

George Spann, always happy to follow a Thomas grad to the podium, was also happy about the 20th Commencement at Thomas that he has presided over. Peter and Paula Linder received honorary degrees and they had the ceremony in the field house which took away any worries of rain hindering the ceremony. He also recommended that people should take a look at the magnificent skylight in that facility the next time they are on campus.

Sarah had 4 Happy Dollars.....1) she's glad that it's not her who is expecting; 2) for baseball ....she shared her son Jack's experience with his Farm League Team and hers as the Cheerleader-in-Chief; 3) for the Group Study Exchange and what a remarkable program that is; and 4) for Tammy Robideau, the Business and Career librarian at the Waterville Public Library, noting what a key role she will be playing, bringing resources to the community in this subject area. Sarah provided some information about Tammy's background and the funding that is making her position possible.



Nancy Gallagher will be having a Public Relations Committee meeting after we adjourn..

Gary Hammond reported that the Spring Fling raised $2,350 for the Sunrise Club and $10,024.25 for our club. Congratulations, Gary and your team!!!

Tom Longstaff shared that several years ago during Ally Karter' Presidency, she commissioned a project to develop a new travelling banner. After a not-so-successful contest, Doug Carnrick lead a committee to design and finalize a new banner for us. With that, Tom unveiled the new banner which was recommended by the Vocational Services Committee and recently approved by the Board. The banner can be viewed on the Club website ( )

Nikki announced that the Golf Tournament Committee will be meeting after we adjourn. p>

Upcoming speaker schedule:


May 24, 2010 Evert Fowlle, Kennebec County District Attorney - Embezzlement

May 31, 2010 Memorial Day - NO MEETING

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Today's Program: Diversion to Assets (Nancy Souza, Director, South End Teen Center)

Today's speaker was Nancy Souza, Director of Waterville's South End Teen Center, where she runs a Diversion to Assets Program. It's a highly successful pilot program diverting first-time youthful offenders from the court system and guiding them toward developing their own assets.  In addition to directing the Teen Center, Souza owns her own business, and currently assists with the curriculum portion of our Club's YETE (Youth Empowerment Through Employment) program. Her presentation Diversion to Assets can be viewed on the Club's website 

After Nancy's presentation, Seth honored her with a certificate noting that 6 children will receive polio vaccinations in her name as a token of appreciation and with the thanks and best wishes of the Club.

See PDF of the presentation in the download section to the right.