An update on the Hathaway Creative Center from the developer, Paul Boghossian.

Rotary Meeting for Monday, May 11, 2009 held at the Hathaway Creative Center. Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms

Lisa Simm was again our Sergeant of Arms today. Great job Lisa!!!!!


Doug Carnrick served as Greeter today! Thanks for getting us all get to where we needed to be, Doug!!

50/50 Tickets
Frank Prelgovisk and Chris Gaunce sold $103 worth of 50/50 tickets. Cam McKay won $52 and will sell tickets next week. Starting a new tradition, Cam recited the 4-Way Test for the Club. Jan Goddard won 10 free tickets to the next 50/50 drawing. John Dalton will be our Greeter for next week's meeting on May 18th at the Alfond Youth Center.

Fined for pictures in the Paper
Peter Garrett had his picture in the paper this week and was fined accordingly.

Cell Phones
A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2008-2009 Club year. No fines assessed today.

On Leave

World Service Cups
The World Service cups for this month will go to support the Honduras Hygiene Project at Los Narjanos.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Ally Karter introduced Past District Governor Jan Goddard.

Nikki Desjardins introduced Seth Couture from All Around Fences.

Seth Sherwood welcomed Jay Violette and Jan Corrigan form TD BankNorth. Jan is part of their insurance division located here at the Hathaway Center.

Charlie Gaunce introduced his wife Nancy.

Dave Whittier introduced Theresa Deschane.

Ally welcomed all of the members of the Waterville Sunrise Club to this joint meeting.

What can you do?

* Be sure to join in the fellowship of the Auction on December 3 & 4 at the Bank of America.

* Tell Board Members what you are passionate about for community projects
* Tell the program committee about interesting speakers/topics you would like to listen to
* Be involved, join a committee
* Be active
* Be positive

Happy Dollars

Tom McGowan shared that he moved here in 2001 from the southwest and 2 months later the Hathaway Company closed its operation. Coming from another part of the country where renovating abandoned mills is the norm, he suggested to Bill Lee what a great idea it would be for this building. After having the idea summarily dismissed at that time, he is very happy to have been vindicated and here today to see that someone had the capital and courage to follow up on his suggestion.

Sarah Sugden had 2 happy dollars for the fact that her 2 children happen to have inherited her happiness genes.

Marc Pitman was happy that there was such a great turnout from the Sunrise Club and suggested that we sing a welcome to them and to Jan ... which was immediately done in true Rotarian acapella form.



Mark Ford reminded the group that the Paul Harris Award Meeting will be held in the gymnasium at the Alfond Youth Center next week.

Nikki Desjardins shared that there are still openings for the Rotary Golf Tournament in August. Please see her to sign up.

Ally reminded everyone that the Germany Group Study Exchange visit will be next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Friday, 5/22 there will be a fellowship event at the Fortier's. There will also be a meeting this Thursday at the Chamber to finalize plans for the visit.

Ally also announced that the organizational meeting of the Hallowell Rotary Club will be at Joyce's Restaurant in Hallowell on June 8th at 5PM.

Recalling her request for proposals and ides for the Charitable Budget as we come to the close of our year, Ally announced that the Board has decided to hold off on making a decision on the large award. She noted that there was significant discussion, however, at Thursday's meeting regarding Barrel's upcoming opening and their need for additional funding to make this occur. In response to a potential matching gift from an anonymous donor, the Board did vote to designate $10,000 to Barrel's in order for the matching donation to occur. She noted that this is a real win-win for our community and for Downtown Waterville.

Upcoming speaker schedule:


May 18, 2009

Paul Harris Fellowship Recognition

May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - No Meeting

June 1, 2009

Raffi Der Simonian, Rotary GSE (Group Study Exchange) Germany Trip

June 8, 2009

Bob Froberg, "FairPoint Communications "Bringing World Class Technology from the Sea Coast to the Mountains"

June 15, 2009

Meredith Jones, President and CEO of the Maine Community Foundation

June 22, 2009

Educare Presentation

June 29, 2009

Club Assembly

08-09 Board of Directors:
Ally Karter - President
Sarah Sugden - President Elect
Seth Sherwood - Vice President
Cathy Langlais - Secretary
Steve Kelleher - Assistant Secretary
Allan Rancourt - Charitable Treasurer
Don Borman - Operations Treasurer
Marc Pitman - Club Service
Mark Ford - Rotary Foundation
Eric Haley - Past President
Nancy Gallagher - Public Relations
Debbie Knox - Community Service
Ed Riggs - International Service
Reg Perry -  Fundraising
Tom Longstaff - Vocational Service

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Today's Program: Hathaway Creative Center Update (Paul Boghossian)


Developer Paul Boghossian provided a progress report on Waterville's Hathaway Creative Center. Here are his comments.

We're excited to welcome the Waterville Rotary to the Hathaway Creative Center. As you've heard, this is a joint meeting between Noontime Rotary and Sunrise Rotary. So a particular welcome to the Sunrise people who found an out of sequence spot in their schedules to join us today.

This afternoon you'll have a bit of a backstage introduction to the Hathaway. Part of the wonder of what we've created here is quickly adaptable Class A space as a strategic tool in bringing jobs to Central Maine.

In the past, if a major employer wanted to locate here (say 100 to 300 jobs in 10,000 to 20,000 square feet) it meant the delay and expense of new construction or cobbling together various spaces in different buildings to assemble the requisite square footage. Now we can say to major employers that 90 days from your phone call we can have space ready for you. In this building, which is about 230,000 sf, about 50% of the commercial space is spoken for; that means about 50,000 sf is readily available.

When you leave today I hope you'll go out as ambassadors to tell the world not only about how wonderful a place the Hathaway is to live and work but what a great place Central Maine is to live and do business. With your help I think we can easily bring 300-400 jobs to town over the next 1-2 years. And while I'd love to have a 300 person firm give me the go ahead this afternoon, I'd much prefer 100 three person firms to come on board. Frankly, I think that better sets the stage for the kind of creative vitality we're looking for in the Hathaway and in Central Maine. In other places I've witnessed the energy and added employment that can result. At least one of those 100 three person firms will go on to become a 300 person firm and, in the meantime, small companies in close proximity to one another invariably will end up collaborating and growing together to their mutual benefit.

Having said that we predicted, and, in fact, have seen some broad themes develop in terms of the kind of firms that will likely want to locate in the Hathaway. The five themes are:

Health and Wellness,

Financial Services

Media and Technology

General Retail

Arts, Crafts

Film and Food and

Outdoor Recreation

Let's talk a bit about each category.

Health and Wellness

-- with MaineGeneral in residence since November 1, occupying over 40,000 sf, we're seeing interest from companies that want to be in their orbit. People's Salon and Spa is one and in September will occupy nearly 6,000 sf just on the other side of this wall. More will follow.

Financial Services

-- We have TD Banknorth Insurance occupying the eastern wing of the second floor. You'll see their fabulous space on the tour and I see that Jan Corrigan from TD is here with us so if you want to get the inside skinny on how it is to work in the Hathaway, talk to Jan.

Media and Technology

- Mountain Wireless will be broadcasting from this very space in which we're meeting today with two FM stations and one AM station. They're particularly excited about the "Today Show" effect where the public will be able to view the on-air personalities as they broadcast.

General Retail, Arts, Crafts, Film and Food 

-- In the near term these occupants will serve to support the people living and working in the complex which number close to 400 people as we speak. Unique Designs, an interior design and home accessories firm, which will be locating on the first floor, is an example. You'll see JoAnn's outstanding decorating prowess when you tour the model apartments. Over the longer term we think this category could come to define the complex; especially as we move to complete the other two buildings on this site. Hence the "Creative" aspect to our name. I will talk more about this in a bit.

Outdoor Recreation

-- We're still looking for an entrepreneurial outfitter to use the unique location of the Hathaway to stage Kennebec River and Messalonskee Trails excursions and to sell outdoor equipment such as bikes, canoes, kayaks and fishing equipment. As a major gateway to the North Country, Waterville should be capitalizing on people headed for the northern mountains, lakes, rivers and down east coast. This is one way we can do that.

Before we open for questions, I wanted to share with you a glimpse into the future of the Lockwood Mills Complex of which the Hathaway is the first phase. As I mentioned, the Hathaway is 230,000 sf. Next door is the former CMP building which is 53,000 sf. On the corner is the former Marden's Building which is around 140,000 sf. So in total we have nearly half a million sf. That's a lot of space but we're off to a robust start in filling it up.

In the next phase we're looking to put a conference center in the CMP building and connect it to the Hathaway with an overhead walkway. Our research has shown that Waterville is well positioned to host statewide conferences, especially if we build a really cool downtown riverfront venue such as we have here. Also in that building we'd like to have a kitchen incubator which is one of Audrey's initiatives. We think that the availability on a per hour basis of a commercial kitchen is a powerful inducement for food-related businesses to locate in the Hathaway. We believe, owing to the proximity of the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association in Unity, that Waterville could be at the epicenter of organic food in Maine. If you touch the organic food business in any way, you'll want to be here. We also think that such a thrust could be a major theme around which KVCC could bolster its culinary program, and that the conference center could be a huge asset to their hospitality initiative, especially as we move to put a hotel next door.

Another thing we'd love to see in the CMP is what I call an artisan marketplace. Think of a year-round version of the arts and crafts tent at the Common Ground Fair. Artists want to be there because other artists are there, and the public wants to be there because there is real art and craftwork happening in a festive atmosphere. It is a model that has worked well in other locales, and it can for Waterville too. We think that visitors will want to get off the highway and seek it out. Closing the loop, artists especially will want to be there because the public comes to experience and, more importantly, to buy.

I would be remiss if I did not talk about film. Waterville has already staked out the high ground on film in Maine and needs to consolidate and build upon that position. The recent formation of the Maine Film Center, a collaboration between Railroad Square, MIFF and Colby (which is bolstering their film studies offerings) is a good start. We think there is a role for the Hathaway to play (no pun intended) in helping this increasingly important aspect of our local creative economy to flourish. I see production and editing studios as well as distribution and test marketing happening here.

Last but not least is the Marden's Building. We already have interest in a hotel there; likely an extended stay product like Spring Hill Suites. Also slated for that site is more apartments and some higher visibility retail for the first floor. Parking will likely be in a parking garage in the "ball field" parking lot across the street with access to the complex by an overhead walkway spanning Water Street and perhaps another overhead walkway spanning Spring Street to the Concourse or Main Street.

Before I close I have to say a word about the loft apartments in the Hathaway. There are 67 of them and they are beyond beautiful and unlike anything you've seen unless you frequent major metropolitan areas. There are loft studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom versions with outstanding views at monthly rents from $630 to $1850 including heat and the convenience of never having to shovel snow. Some people living in the building will have the luxury on a frigid January day of taking the stairs to work; in their fuzzy slippers if they so choose. You must see these apartments. When they step inside people invariably ask "can I buy it?" By the rules of the tax credits under which we did the renovation, they must remain as apartments, not for-sale condos, for seven years. After that residents will have a right of first refusal if a sale happens.

So lots of exciting things are in store for the Hathaway, for Waterville and for Central Maine. Thank you for your help in spreading the word about what a gem we have here. With your help we can beat a cogent path to real economic development that capitalizes on our collective strengths as a people, as a city and as a region. And, in the process, maybe have a little fun too.

I'd be pleased to take questions. Thanks.


Q. Any obstacles to finishing this project?


We must fill this building prior to moving to the other two, within one and one half year's if possible.

Q. Would the conference center also be an events center?


Yes, there is demand for a large space.

Q. Is parking, prior to the construction of a parking garage, adequate?


We are paving another lot right now.

Q. What is a kitchen incubator?


It's a facility where an entrepreneur, who, for example, wants to produce and sell large quantities of tomato sauce, can rent the space by the hour to prepare the sauce. With MOFGA so nearby, the possibilities for organic foods is good.

Q. Will you make any modifications to the original plans because of the economy?


We're still getting strong inquiries, and are close to the point where the building will pay for itself. The economy has tamped down nationally, but more moderately in Maine. It's a pine Tree Zone, has a good work ethic, and it's cheaper than Manhattan.

Q. Are you doing an out-of-state marketing effort with Maine & Company?


Yes, with Maine & Company, with DECD, and with national brokers.

Ally then presented Paul with a Four Way Test Key Chain as a token of our appreciation. The next meeting will be on Monday, May 18 at the Alfond Youth Center.