Barrels Community Market will offer food, crafts, and a dynamic community event space in the former Lamey Wellehan location at 74 Main Street in downtown Waterville.  Waterville Main Street is their parent organization.  Planned opening day is June 21.


Rotary Meeting for Monday, April 27, 2009 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms

Elery Keene was our Sergeant of Arms today. Thanks Elery!!!!!


No greeter today. Nikki Desjardins volunteered to be next week's greeter. Merci!

50/50 Tickets
Kim Hawkes sold $102 worth of tickets. Visiting Rotarian Jon Weiss won $51.

Fined for pictures in the Paper
Sarah Sugden had her picture in the paper again this week. How nice for Rotary!

Cell Phones
A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2008-2009 Club year. No fines assessed today.

On Leave

World Service Cups
The World Service cups for this month will go to support the good works of Hardy Girls Healthy Women.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests
* Wally Buschmann introduced Jon Weiss, visiting Rotarian from Dijon, France and Colby College.

* Chris Gaunce introduced former District Governor Deb Walters.

* Lou Smith introduced former Rotarian Ron Smith. How nice to see you again, Ron.

* Lucille Z. introduced colleague Jeff Russell from her Bangor branch.

* Bill Thompson introduced his wife, Salvation Army Capt. Stephanie Thompson

* Marc Pitman introduced his son, Caleb.


What can you do?


* Tell Board Members what you are passionate about for community projects
* Tell the program committee about interesting speakers/topics you would like presented

* Be involved, join a committee
* Be active
* Be positive

Happy Dollars

Wally Buschmann was happy about the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce's recent B2B Showcase. It was a tremendous opportunity to meet other business persons.

Cathy Langlais was happy because there has been no progression in her daughter's MS in the past nine months. Best wishes for more of the same in her future.

Chris Gaunce was glad to see Ron Smith and hopes he tells a joke.

Suzanne Uhl-Melanson thanked Nancy Gallagher for the soup and bread Suzanne purchased as a Pig Roast Auction item.

Nikki Desjardins was thankful for a successful MS Walk; she is also happy that her middle school niece did a civic oration on Harold Alfond.

Ron Smith did tell a true story as a joke. While out with his wife for breakfast he narrowly missed hitting a "well-known local lawyer" (think initials WB). In order to avoid hitting the lawyer he hit an SUV owned by a TALL man who turned out to be the Winslow Chief of Police. Ron's advice: if faced with a similar choice, hit the lawyer!

Ken Vlodek enjoyed great seats at a Red Sox game. He was happy to be carded at Fenway. While biking on the Carriage Road at Acadia, he ended up in a brook, bruised but ok.

Ed Riggs is happy to be back after spending time in Tobago and Sun Valley, and receiving fine treatment for a recurring lymphoma in Boston.

Alice Anderman announced her move from the First Congregational Church in Waterville to the North Yarmouth Congregational Church as interim pastor as of the end of April. She will continue living in Waterville, but must resign from our Club for the next one to three years.

Lou Smith visited the "Man Named Pearl," creator of an extraordinary topiary landscape on his property. Mr. Pearl currently underwrites college scholarships for B and C students that he encourages to follow their dreams.

Mike Roy announced that the City of Waterville received a half million dollar grant for downtown revitalization, as well as an additional grant for the Quarry Road trail project.

Tom Longstaff's son David has returned to Iraq. Tom is happy that David can put up a daily note on his Facebook page to let everyone know how he's doing.

Jim Julia spent a week on Ambergris Quay in Belize. Besides his wife Sandy, he took his two sons and their families as well as his 80-something mom and dad.

Gary Hammond spent nearly three weeks in Florida. He returned because Hammond Tractor received the Governor's Award for Excellence. He's happy to be home and to see his grandkids.

Mark Ford noticed how quickly spring is flying by.he and Sandy will pick up their two children from college next week.

Kim Hawkes announced a reactivation of the AYC's 50 & Older Club beginning with free activities on Tuesday, April 28. She's seeking feedback on what the community would like in the way of activities.



Tom Longstaff reminded us that there is one week left to volunteer as a YETE site. We have 13 businesses, and need about 18.

Re our contest for a new Rotary banner, we have two entries and would like all Rotarians to encourage more students to apply.

Marc Pitman reminded us that our May 11 meeting will be at the Hathaway Center. We can sign up for tours before the meeting.

Upcoming speaker schedule:


May 4, 2009

Marc Pitman "Blogs and Social Media for Maine Businesses"

May 11, 2009

OFF SITE: Hathaway Center [Tours at 11:15, 11:30, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45]

May 18, 2009

Paul Harris Fellowship Recognition

May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - No Meeting


08-09 Board of Directors:

Ally Karter - President
Sarah Sugden - President Elect
Seth Sherwood - Vice President
Cathy Langlais - Secretary
Steve Kelleher - Assistant Secretary
Allan Rancourt - Charitable Treasurer
Don Borman - Operations Treasurer
Marc Pitman - Club Service
Mark Ford - Rotary Foundation
Eric Haley - Past President
Nancy Gallagher - Public Relations
Debbie Knox - Community Service
Ed Riggs - International Service
Reg Perry -  Fundraising
Tom Longstaff - Vocational Service

Waterville Rotary Club Web Site

Today's Program: ========================================================================

Marc Pitman introduced today's speaker, David Gulak, Project Manager of Barrels Community Market.

Barrels Community Market will offer food, crafts, and a dynamic community event space in the former Lamey Wellehan location at 74 Main Street in downtown Waterville. Waterville Main Street is their parent organization. Planned opening day is June 21.

The goals of Barrels are:


Support local farmers and craftspeople by supplying and outlet for their products


Provide local, affordable goods to the greater Waterville community


Revitalize downtown through an emphasis on local productivity


Offer diverse educational and community involvement opportunities.

Their constituents/stakeholders are:


Retail and wholesale customers


Educational institutions


Their producers and suppliers


Regional and downtown economies

Barrels will offer

 Fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy products, staples, breads and other baked goods, prepackaged foods using our ingredients (ideal)

 Tools, crafts, art, other non-perishables

 Community event space for classes, lectures, music, demonstrations, etc.

 Buying parameters that emphasize local and affordable first and foremost, with emphasis on:

 organically and responsibly grown for produce

 traditional production methods and locally sourced materials for tools, crafts, etc.

 Volunteer opportunities and curriculum integration with Waterville area colleges and high schools

 Plan to incorporate scores of community volunteers

 Educational element with displays, recipes, flyers, e-facts, etc

Their key accomplishments to date include:

 Renovated space, ready for outfitting

 Interviewed and confirmed a core group of 75+ suppliers

 Completed business plan with start-up/operating budget

 Successful Open House with over 80 attendees

 E-mail list of over 100 volunteers from community and area colleges

 Verbal commitments from Dining Directors at Colby, Unity, Maine General, Waterville Public Schools, St; Joseph's to buy bulk fresh produce from Barrels - currently solidifying contracts

 Advisory Board meeting monthly to guide development process (MOFGA, Fedco, Inland Hospital, Nicholson CPA, City Council, Colby and Unity Colleges, City of Waterville, Freshwater Arts)

 Very solid partnerships with Colby and Unity, including contributions

 Two very positive articles in the Sentinel to date

 Developed logo, now completing marketing materials with volunteer marketing committee

 Raised $50,000 to date. Recently confirmed $25,000 matching grant from an anonymous donor for new giving towards completing our start-up costs.

The following steps remain until opening day:

 Install shelving, refrigeration, office, etc.

 Purchase and set up software and hardware systems

 Confirm pricing and supply with producers

 Complete contracts with institutional buyers

 Paint murals and signage

 Hire assistant manager and 3 hourly employees

 Complete and print marketing materials

 Organize volunteer armies

 Obtain a van

 Stock the market with initial inventory

 Raise an additional $75,000 ($25,000 of which is confirmed match funding, paid incrementally when match funds are raised).

Q. Is there a non-compete issue?

A. Barrels will not compete with the Farmers' Market or other businesses, such as Joseph's Market or Uncle Dean's. They are both supportive. Farmers will be among Barrels' suppliers. They will also have cooking classes.

Q. Will you sell wine?

A. Wine and beer for offsite consumption.

Q. Memberships?

A. Details are still being worked out for a tiered membership system. Minimum $25, with specials for seniors and weekly special days.

Q. Will your product lines dovetail or conflict with the Farmers' Market?

A. Barrels is generally carrying more tools and crafts. The Farmers' Market will have more variety, and there may be some overlap.

Q. Will growers be in the store, or will there be regular staff?

A. Barrels will buy and resell. Tools and crafts by consignment. No vendor stalls.

Q. Is it take-home or salad bar type?

A. Take home. All food is pre-packaged.

Q. Do you accept food stamps and WIC?

A. Food stamps. WIC is more complex, hope to take them.

Q. Hours?

A. Working with 10a - 7p, 6 days a week.

Q. Volunteer opportunities?

A. Yes. Building shelves, stocking and supplies, P.R. and marketing, and art. They will incorporate art into the project, with large-scale nature scenes. Need lots of artists. Anyone wishing to volunteer can email David at He will find a way to use you.

Q. Are you have a problem finding barrels?

A. Yes, he needs half and whole barrels.

Q. Can we "buy the farm and live to tell about it" ("painting" in a portion of a farm drawing thru cash donations) online?

A. Yes, at

Ally then presented David with a Four Way Test Keychain as a token of our appreciation. The next meeting will be on Monday, May 4.