On the Anniversary of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Dr. Weisbrot reflected on that event and addressed it's impact on the formation of US world policy and relations throughout the second half of the 20th century and to the current time.
Rotary Meeting for Monday, December 7, 2009 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

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Today's Program: Robert S. Weisbrot, Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Teaching Professor of History at Colby College, speaking on the Pearl Harbor Invasion.


Rotarian Ed Riggs introduced Professor Robert S. Weisbrot. Weisbrot has written books for adults and young readers. He was a 2009 Pulitzer Prize finalist in history for The Liberal Hour: Washington and the Politics of Change in the 1960s with G. Calvin Mackenzie.

As we observe the 68th anniversary of the "day that will live in infamy," Weisbrot observed that the attack on Pearl Harbor had a lasting effect on how the US views international relations.

Short term effects drew us into World War II, and forever transformed US policy. What happened? US/Japanese talks were in progress in Washington at the time. Japanese pilots easily attacked lined-up ships and planes in the harbor. The attack enabled Japan to consolidate control of the Pacific. It had an aura of inevitability. Japan had been rampaging through Asia for years, and had allied with Hitler as well. The US Congress was concurrently denouncing President Roosevelt for unnecessary involvement with other countries' affairs.

World War II was preceded by a period isolationism. The Senate voted against joining the League of Nations and the World Court. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed all that. Consensus occurred that the US must rethink its strategy and abandon the illusion of safety in isolationism.

In 1947 the US created the US Intelligence Agency, introduced long-range military strategy, forged alliances, and established foreign bases throughout the globe, aiming to deter aggressors.

Pearl Harbor acts as a moral brake on our actions. During the 1962 missile crisis, Robert Kennedy argued successfully against bombing Cuba due to this. This led to a peaceful resolution.

World War II underscored the interdependability of nations. A Gallup Poll showed that 74% of Americans supported an international peace-keeping organization. Thus, the US hosts the United Nations.

The tragedy of 911 underscores the need to get accurate information.

President Obama recently called for December 7 to be a National Day of Remembrance.

COMMENTS: In 1942 Colby President Bixler invited three Nisei (Japanese-American citizens) from California to study at Colby, at a time when such individuals were being shipped to internment camps during the War years.

Q. Is there any evidence that the administration was forewarned about the Pearl Harbor attack?

A. No.

COMMENT: General Yamamoto engineered and executed the Pearl Harbor attack, but was its most vigorous opponent.

COMMENT: The Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor Rotary Clubs are now forming a bond.

Q. Was the pre-emptive strike on Iraq new in US history?

A. It is new in recent history. In the 19th century the US began expansionism to the west, the south and the Caribbean. President Bush's move was radically different in recent history.

Q. Did President Bush begin a new aggressive era?

A. President Obama was critical of this, and appears to be moving back toward forming alliances. Time will tell.