Master Auctioneer Jim Julia auctioned off 22 items that were not taken during the the Annual Radio Auction earlier this month. The results of this "mini-auction" added another $1025 to the proceeds of this annual event.
Rotary Meeting for Monday, December 28, 2009 held at the Alfond Youth Center - Here is a recap in case you missed our meeting!

Sergeant at Arms


Matt Clark was our Sergeant of Arms today. Thanks, Matt!!!!!



Ed Oliver was our -Greeter today, filling in for Rick MacKenzie. Thank you Ed!! Rick MacKenzie will be our Greeter for the January 4th meeting.

50/50 Tickets


Harold Buzzell sold $84 for the 50/50 raffle today and Lucille Zelenkewich was the winner of $42. Lucille will sell tickets on January 4th. Ed Oliver won 10 free tickets for next meeting's 50/50 drawing.

World Service Cup


The beneficiary of the donations for this month's World Service Cup will be the families we are supporting which suffered through domestic violence this year.

Fined for pictures in the Paper


Mike Roy had his picture in the paper and was fined $5.00.

Cell Phones


A $10.00 fee for cell phone ringing continues for the 2008-2009 Club year. No fines assessed today.

On Leave


Cam McKay

Joan Phillips-Sandy

Paul LePage

Visiting Rotarians and Guests


There were no visiting Rotarians or guests this week.

What can you do?


* Tell Board Members what you are passionate about for community projects

* Tell the program committee about interesting speakers/topics you would like to listen to

* Be involved, join a committee

* Be active

* Be positive

Happy Dollars


Mike Roy offered a "protest dollar" regarding the photo fine because he was dressed up on "robo-cop" regalia and was totally unidentifiable.

Cathy Langlais shared both Sad and Happy Dollars with us today. The Happy Dollar was for Evan Quimby, a 14 year old local resident from Benton who she had been working with through the Make a Wish Foundation and who has been battling leukemia for the past 4 years. Last Monday he received his wish and got a new snow sled along with all the supporting gear. The day after he got it, he was out riding and had a wonderful time. The Sad Dollar was because he passed away on Thursday.

Ken Vlodek had a couple of Happy Dollars ....1) For a wonderful Christmas Dinner this year. 21 people were at his house and they had a wonderful time; and 2) for the opportunity to truly be Santa Claus on Christmas. He recounted how he and Sally drove to Sanford late on Christmas Eve to pick up gifts which had inadvertently been forgotten. After they arrived in the wee hours of Christmas morning everything worked out as planned and not a beat was skipped!

Davis Geller shared that an associate of hi, Clyde Wheeler, passed away recently. David shared his relationship with Clyde and his family and the impact he had on David's life. David indicated that the funeral will be held on Wednesday at the First Congregational Church at 2:00 PM.

Sarah Sugden had 4 Happy Dollars ...1) For the wonderful time she was able to spend with her family form near and far over the past week. 2) The remote control dinosaur that was not under the tree on Christmas but will show up at some point in the future. 3) For Barb Woodlee's daughter Amanda who taught her about the true meaning of Santa Claus at a very early age; and 4) For the many great books she is discovering while she moves the historical book collection of the library to its temporary location due to construction that continues.

Peter Garrett had a Happy Dollar for the one person who has never come up and is truly happy about something. There being no takers, and assuming the individual was too timid to go up, Sarah offered to share the happy thoughts of this anonymous individual if they would like to forward her an email this week.

Eric shared a Happy Dollar and wanted to share how much he and his staff appreciated the opportunity to serve the Club this past year as well as the generosity that was shown last week. He also shared how happy he was to be with family and grand children over the Holidays.



In Seth's absence, Sarah made the final of three announced readings of the Board that is being proposed for the next year, beginning Jon uly 1, 2010:

2009-10 Board of Directors:


Seth Sherwood - President

Don Plourde - President Elect

Sarah Sugden - Immediate Past President

Suzanne Uhl-Melanson -Vice President and Membership Chair Cathy Langlais - Secretary

Steve Kelleher - Assistant Secretary

Allan Rancourt - Charitable Treasurer

Don Borman - Operations Treasurer

Ann Beverege - Club Administration

Jim Nicholson - Foundation Committee

Nancy Gallagher - Public Relations

Tina Chapman - Community Service

Lou Smith - International Service

Bob Barton - Fund Raising Erica Humphrey - Vocational Service

With the conclusion of the reading of the new Board, it was moved, seconded, and unanimously voted by the Rotarians present to approve the new Board as nominated for the Club Year 2010-2011.

Upcoming speaker schedule:


January 4, 2010 Dana Perry, Vice President, Back Yard Farms in Madison

January 11, 2010 Scott Bullock, President and CEO of MaineGeneral Health

Waterville Rotary Club Web Site


Today's Program: Private Bidding on Auction Night Left Over Items (Jim Julia and Ken Vlodek)

Jim Julia and Ken Vlodek auctioned off 22 items for an additional $1025 in auction proceeds. Sarah's Strategic Planning Club Assembly, originally scheduled for this meeting will be rescheduled to a future date.