The Economics of Solar Power
Oct 15, 2018
Steve Kahl
The Economics of Solar Power

Steve is Associate Professor of Science at Thomas College.  He is the host of Power for the People on WERU-FM, a call-in energy radio show and he writes the monthly Sustainability Minute which is distributed by Thomas College, SMMC, and WERU-FM.  He speaks regularly around the state on energy and environmental issues

As founding director of both the Senator George Mitchell Center for Environmental Research at UMaine and the Center for the Environment at Plymouth State University, Steve was a research scientist and program director for many years.  He has been awarded more than $26 million in grants and contracts at UMaine and PSU and at the various non-profits for which he has served on boards or as executive director.   Steve was the director of the US EPA acid rain research program in the northeast United States from 1983 to 2011 and continues to participate in this research, which is now run by one of his former graduate students at UMaine.

Steve’s areas of expertise are energy policy and technology, water resources, and environmental science.  He teaches the environmental, sustainability, and geology courses at Thomas.  He has a BA in Zoology, MS in Geology, and Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from the University of Maine.