The Vocational Service Committee met following the regular Rotary meeting on Monday, April 5th. We are pleased to report that we are making progress in all of the tasks that we have undertaken.

Erica Humphrey reports for the subcommittee working to re-activate our connections with local Roteract and Interact programs as follows: "I sent out an e-mail invitation to Colby's Rotaract Club, inviting one-to-two members to join us at our weekly meetings as a way to become more familiar with Rotary and as a way to do some career exploration perhaps. I re-sent this invitation after they returned from Spring Break. To date, I have not had any positive RSVPs, but several students at least responded with regrets (interferes with their class times.)"

Nancy Findlan reports for the subcommittee working on a second YETE program for local high school students as follows: "We have started our Year 2 of YETE today. 20 Students are starting with the hope that 15 will complete Phase 1 and go to Phase 2 which is the summer work component. We will be looking to recruit employers, including Rotarians again this year beginning in May. At this time they will be unpaid internships. We are still waiting to hear if there will be funds available from the Dept. of Labor for wages."

At our meeting Doug Carnrick noted that the subcommittee working on a new Rotary banner for our club has made excellent progress. We discussed several designs, costs and other details and expect to have a final design to propose (and order) within two to three weeks.

We were all disappointed to learn that Elizabeth Vanderweide, a valuable member of our committee, will be transferring her membership from the Waterville club to a club closer to where she lives and works. She will be missed and we hope that she will visit our club from time to time.

Thomas R. W. Longstaff
Chair, Vocational Service Committee