Do you have a pile of Waterville Rotary Club Radio Auction donation slips that need to be filled out but you're not sure how to approach your local business owner? Have no fear - these tips from a true Rotary Auction Pro (Rotarian Suzanne Uhl-Melanson) and this helpful Solicitation Letter template will help you with the ask.
Trying to get those Auction Slips in by the deadline - October 16th? Learn how Suzanne, an 18-year Waterville Rotary Club Radio Auction Veteran, closes the deal.
Suzanne writes:

Hi All,

As you may know, our Club is a 501c3 which means that donors can deduct their contribution as a charitable deduction.  However, that also means that we are obligated to  send them an acknowledgement of their contribution.  In the past I have always sent a thank you note to my donors (and that started long before our Club gained the 501c3 status).  This year I decided to do things a little differently.  I drafted the letter as a template (that Jeff emailed to you). 

I copy off letters to each of my donors personalizing their name.  I take the letter with me when I pick up the solicited item.  I write the item AND the value in the blank space on the letter and sign it.  Now they have both the thank you (with information about the dates of the auction) and the legal letter to declare their charitable contribution!

I retain the pink slip for my records in case the slips are misplaced AND to help me remember the following year what they gave.  I turn in the items with the white and yellow copies.

I have a lot of slips and it takes very little time to print the letters; and keeps my donors happy and me better organized this year and next.

- Suzanne Uhl-Melanson

 So there you have it Rotarians - download the attached WORD document, update the portions highlighted in yellow to reflect the businesses you are approaching, print out the letter and use Suzanne's tips to help you keep track of everything. Why, you're good to go in no time!

To download the 2017 Rotary Radio Auction Solicitation Letter, click here: documents/en-ca/4befe6fe-b5b4-4cc4-bf4b-c8b4b4948f6a/1