Kennebec Behavioral Health
Jun 18, 2018
Tom McAdam
Kennebec Behavioral Health

Thomas McAdam is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Kennebec Behavioral Health and has held that position for 15 years.  Kennebec Behavioral Health provides a full spectrum of mental health and substance abuse services with its primary catchment area of Kennebec and Somerset counties, but also providing services throughout the central Maine region.  Kennebec Behavioral Health serves over 14,000 persons per year, as well as providing rental services for over 300 people in the greater Waterville / Augusta area.  Kennebec Behavioral Health currently is the largest provider of Psychiatric Medication Management services in the state and provides a significant amount of services for persons that are members of the AMHI Consent Decree. 

Mr. McAdam has a Bachelor’s of Science in both Special Education and Elementary Education, an MBA in Health Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Health Management.  Prior to coming to KBH, Mr. McAdam held the position of Director of Ambulatory Care in several southern Maine hospitals, as well as Practice Administrator for primary care. 

Mr. McAdam currently serves on the Board of Directors for Good Will - Hinckley Foundation and the Maine Association of Mental Health Services.  He is currently an adjunct instructor in the Graduate Business Administration program at Thomas College.  He was also a founding board member of the Preble Street Resource Center. 

Mr. McAdam lives in Portland with his wife and daughter.